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Muellners Foundation maintains Finscale and the open source community around the project. The project started as a Research & Development initiative in the Muellners Inc.
Its non for profit arm, Muellners Foundation strives to work on digital financial inclusion. Behind Finscale is a growing open source community and a core team, funded by Muellners. The core team comes with years of experience in promoting open source financial technology initiatives such as Apache Fineract, Mojaloop, Apache Hadoop. The core team also brings years of functional experience, working with banking services providers. Over these years, the Foundation has also acquired a partner eco-system which benefits Finscale's adoption.

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Enterprise Implementation Services

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We help Finscale based enterprise implementations across digital transformation practices of banks, NBFCs, fintechs, neobanks and other financial services providers.

Your financial business generates big data. We support your data analytics by introducing industry standards of reporting. Insightful reporting lets you keep bringing newer and innovative financial products to your market.

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Your business has multiple use cases. We help you find and discover them, employ composable banking standards. Our Finscale based implementation brings higher customer retentions to your financial services.

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Core banking with Finscale is a reliable and scalable approach. Our team assists you in setting up an industry standard implementation of core banking use cases of lending, DDA type financial services with IFRS standards of accounting.

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Be it any type of fintech use case, Finscale aided implementation strategy will help you go a long way in creating a stable technology infrastructure to support your business of assisted financial services.

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