Our Story

Somewhere around 2015-2017

Project's founding team researches and develops design principles for industry fit innovation on open finance platform, experiments with compatible open source projects.


Project gets organised by Muellners Foundation.

Case Studies

Project is organized into an open source community, generates research documentation and product discovery case studies, partnerships with financial services and technology companies.

Architectural Improvements

Documented Research on Blockchain; Architectural design principles are improved for enhanced security, performance and ease of scalability.

Advanced Research

Core research on Artificial Intelligence, Regtech, Identity Governance, and Data Residency. Community also explores Finscale distribution's compatibility with third party projects e.g Mifos X, Apache Fineract, Open Banking Gateway, Odoo, Avalanche Wallet, Wordpress, Open ID etc.

Use Case Adoption

Finscale is released as a pre developer version for enterprise distribution and Open Bank Portal.