A financial services platform to process closed loop and hybrid loop payments

Launch your closed loop payment processes, prepaid cards and benefit from Finscale's transaction processing APIs and micro services design. Scalable and Composable!

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Easy payment processing for your business

Start working with Finscale and launch your payments processing equipped with latest integrations framework with any payment network of choice.

Payments Great Features

Deploy your mobile wallet, app or a payment card on Finscale API end points and benefit from its scalability and ease of development of front end applications in any language of your choice.

Low Fees

You reduce payment processing fees to a bare minimum using Finscale's transaction reliable microservice.

Safe & Secure

We use millitary grade security, the kind you will find in peer to peer networks. Blockchain based smart contracts.

Open banking standards

Connect with a leading banking institution with its open banking API and process deposits and withdrawals.

Granular Accounting

A detailed double entry posting & IFRS standards of accounting maintained in core banking services of Finscale.

Transaction Between Buyers and Seller

Deploy Finscale and deliver your embedded finance use cases.

Set up your own Transaction Delivery Rates with freedom.

Start working with Finscale that can provide everything you need to launch your embedded financial application.

Set your TDR

x % Per Transaction
  • Transparent transaction delivery processing and performance with Audit Service
  • Detailed Accounting tagging via Finscale Accounting Service
  • Controlled and seamless KYC onbaording of customer via Finscale's Identity Federation feature
  • REST API end points and micro services design along with smart contracts based security

Add a new card

Connect your business with more customers today

Start working with Finscale and deploy a payment application, integrate with any banking institution while scaling to new heights.

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